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  1. Billions of dollars hang on the question of whether the destruction of the twin towers by two jetliners was one insurable event, or two.
  2. They argue that it was a single attack, and a single insurable event, entitling Silverstein to $ 3.5 billion in coverage.
  3. Silverstein's lawyers maintain that New York state law, which governs the case, makes clear that each crash and collapse was a separate insurable event.
  4. But it is going nuts trying to establish that only one insurable event _ the attack on the WTC _ occurred in Manhattan on Sept . 11, as opposed to two separate plane crashes.
  5. A financial intermediary, like a reinsurance company or an investment bank, issues a bond tied to a particular insurable event, like aggregate insurance claims from a Los Angeles earthquake that total more than $ 10 billion.


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