insurable lossの例文


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  1. Under that plan, the government next year would pay 80 percent of the insurable losses.
  2. Risk mangement as a corporate decision-making process began in the 1950s and was primarily concerned with insurable losses.
  3. A natural explanation of these observations is that individuals overweight low-probability events such as winning the lottery, or suffering a disastrous insurable loss.
  4. This was a natural evolution, since insurable loss due to natural catastrophes, accidents, human error and the like were self-evident; self-developed insurance markets existed to facilitate the transfer of these risks.
  5. In a nine-count indictment, King is accused of altering Chavez's contract by inserting a typed-in clause providing for payment to the boxer of $ 350, 000 in nonrefundable training expenses, which could be claimed as an insurable loss.


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