intermediate vector bosonの例文


  1. The data on the intermediate vector bosons confirm the predictions included in the " electroweak " theory, which gained the 1979 Nobel Prize for Physics to Steven Weinberg, Sheldon Glashow and Abdus Salam.
  2. A teenager who has never edited the encyclopedia can log on at her local Internet caf?and start editing the Quantum field theory article, and debate the way the way intermediate vector bosons are described with another editor, who happens to be a physics professor.
  3. Similarly, intermediate vector bosons mediate the weak force and gluons mediate the strong force in QCD . The notion of a force-mediating particle comes from perturbation theory, and does not make sense in the context of non-perturbative approaches to QFT, such as with bound states.
  4. An entirely new phenomenology of high energy collisions has resulted, in which strong interaction phenomena are dominated by the exchange of the quanta of the strong force, the gluons, particles which are similar to the intermediate vector bosons, although, like the photons, they are apparently massless.
  5. The collider started running in 1981 and, in early 1983, an international team of more than 100 physicists headed by Rubbia and known as the UA1 Collaboration, detected the intermediate vector bosons, the W and Z bosons, which had become a cornerstone of modern theories of elementary particle physics long before this direct observation.


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