international adjudicationの例文


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  1. _international adjudication will be sought if no other agreement can be reached.
  2. Because of the insecure nature of the borders, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras all had to seek international adjudication to determine their Atlantic boundaries.
  3. Baudenbacher is a much sought-after speaker at international conferences in particular on competition law, EU / EEA Law, and the law of international adjudication and arbitration.
  4. If the suspects are sent to trial, " it is a major development, clearly a victory for international adjudication and the possibility of the victims'families getting some sense of justice, " said Christopher C . Joyner, a professor of international law at Georgetown University.
  5. Jayakumar, 65, relinquishes his Foreign Affairs portfolio, a position he has held for a decade, to assume his new role, which will also include " foreign policy issues which involve international adjudication . " Jayakumar, educated at Yale, is a holdover from the Cabinet of Lee Kuan Yew.


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