international aerial navigationの例文


  1. Based on the frequent occurrence of international aerial crimes , the rampancy and cruelty of criminals and the reality of brutal consequence , the essay analyses the features of the crime of aircraft hijacking , the crime of imperiling international civil aerial security and the crime of obstructing international aerial navigation with the component terms from three important international conventions on punishing aerial crimes in order to help people to appreciate the appearance and the essence of typical international aerial crimes deeply , to regard the motion of the crimes and to overwhelm the offence forcefully . based on the core of the legislative status of international civil aerial security , the jurisdiction of the aerial crimes , one emphasis of the article is to clarify concrete clauses on jurisdiction in the three conventions and analyses the important principle of " aut reddere , aut punire " . based on the problems on the jurisdiction of crimes in international society , it quests the implementation of t he principles of jurisdiction , pleading and extradition in the three conventions deeply


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