international annealed copper standardの例文


  1. Conductivity is generally specified relative to the 1913 International Annealed Copper Standard of 58 MS / m.
  2. The International Annealed Copper Standard is used to measure conductivity of aluminum alloys in order to verify proper heat treatment.
  3. The conductivity of commercial conductors is often expressed relative to the International Annealed Copper Standard, according to which the purest copper wire available in 1914 measured around 100 %.
  4. In 1913, the International Electrotechnical Commission defined the conductivity of commercially pure copper in its International Annealed Copper Standard, as 100 % IACS = 58.0 MS / m at 20 癈, decreasing by 0.393 % / 癈.
  5. Germany proposed a slight modification of this value to 0.15328 ohm ( meter, gram ) at 20 癈, this modification being equivalent to a conductivity of exactly 58 siemens for a uniform 1 mm2 cross section of copper 1 meter in length at 20 癈 . The German modification was adopted first by the International Electrotechnical Commission in 1913 and subsequently published by the United States Department of Commerce on October 1, 1914 as the International Annealed Copper Standard ( IACS ).


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