is a sanskrit term meaningの例文


  1. :My colleaugu looked at your comments and was interested to note the term Johnubiprasad . He pointed out that anyone ith any understanding of the Indian names would recognise this name to be phony . Jahnavi is a Sanskrit term meaning the Holy Ganges . It amy be spelt Janhavi but is never spelt Johnubi . On using the scholar google, I noticed a few articles by Ashoka Jahanavi Prasad but none by Johnubiprasad . The book ( Biological Basis ) is incidentally also in the All India Institute oif Medical Sciences Library just across the road and it is by Ashok Jahanavi Prasad and is dated 1988, much before the article on the ABC . . The American Academy of Arts and Sciences also has a Foreign Honorary Member Ashoka Jahnavi Prasad . The article on the valproate appeared in Pharmatherepeutica as scholar google suggests and was by A . J . Prasad . I would tend to agree that it is an advance . All of us clinical psychiatrists had nothinmg but lithium for manic depression before that and it is toxic . We all use valproate now as a first choice . It may be worthwhile ascertaining from the Medical Council of England whteher there are two doctors with this name with these qualifications as they both worked in England . Also I have serious doubts about the charlaton's links with Dr . Rajendra . He in India is known as a thorough gentleman universally respected and next to Mahtma's family his is the family which has never to my knowledge abused their position, rare in India . It may be that someone is misusing the name .-- KMA-- 12th January 2006.


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