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  1. The first snippets are from " Is Sex Necessary ?, " the satirical romp that in 1929 made substantial names for both Thurber and co-author E . B . White.
  2. Of course, in what other country would someone ask, " Is sex necessary ? " ( the title of a book by James Thurber and E . B . White ), certainly not the French.
  3. He wrote for the New Yorker, Harper's, The Atlantic, and published 19 books, including a bit of high humor called " Is Sex Necessary, " co-written with James Thurber.
  4. "Is Sex Necessary ? " was reissued in paperback this year, with Thurber's inimitable line drawings still fresh and funny and a subtitle that retains its parodic point : " Or, Why You Feel the Way You Do ."
  5. Maybe he wrote " Is Sex Necessary ? " _ one of his more popular books, wh STORY IN STORY IN ich he co-wrote with E . B . White _ or " My Life and Hard Times, " his book about Columbus, on this very typewriter.


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