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  1. Sophia exults, while Nathaniel comments more soberly, " Thank God that I suffice for her boundless heart !"
  2. Hence is suffices to use "'special "'relativity and the path of the light signal is a straight line in any inertial frame of reference.
  3. Now that I'm aware that any mention of the TPm is suffice to cause a problem, I will simply avoid any page with any mention of it.
  4. So, it is suffice to say under the eyes of these Vietnamese nationalists, Japan was an ally, to some, the " saviors ", and certainly to the Japanese themselves, the " liberators ".
  5. Annada Shankar Ray's comment is suffice to indicate the importance of " Char-Yari Katha " in Bengali literature, " The eternal aroma of a romantic mind is at the heart of"


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