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  1. "Our view is that a car should have more seats, " said Joseph G . Rappaport, coordinator for the Straphangers Campaign.
  2. An unexpected result of the Beetle phenomenon is that a car intended for the average person ended up crossing all class lines.
  3. "The thing that amazes us is that a car can sit somewhere that long in the city and not get stolen, " she added.
  4. He said the premise of the film _ based on the 1973 novel " Crash " by the British author J . G . Ballard _ is that a car crash can be, as one character puts it, " a fertilizing rather than a destructive event ."
  5. My feeling is that a car " already stopped " at the stop sign has right-of-way over a car " approaching " the give-way sign, but a lot of drivers seem to think the driver with the stop sign should always give way to the driver with the give way sign.


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