1. The peak was climbed for the first time on July 14, 1966 by M . Ishinabe, A . Kurihara, A . Miyahara, S . Ooe and T . Suzuki ).
  2. Ishinabe ended his Iron Chef career at the end of 1993 due to the stressful nature of the show, the one-hour time limit, and the judges with his last battle being against Jacques Borie ( which he lost ).
  3. During this episode, a team of French cuisine chefs captain Hiroyuki Sakai, the original Iron Chef French Yutaka Ishinabe, and former challenger and Etsuo Joh battled a team of Chinese cuisine chefs composed of captain Chen Kenichi, former challenger Sozo Myamoto, and former challenger Yuji Wakiya ( who would later be Iron Chef Chinese on the 2012 revival ).


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