1. It sounds like there is a flour ishing ax-grinding market in Ari zona in political circles,
  2. Aston, meanwhile, has extended to Dec . 22 what it calls " Aston-ishing Free Deals ."
  3. The breakthroughs are so aston ishing that many involved, afraid to sound like quacks or stock promot ers, are downplaying the implica tions of their work.
  4. Perhaps cousins of R2-D2, the little serfs jiggle up and down the aisles, jerkily lifting cheeses to shelves, turning and pol-ishing the wheels weekly, at last taking them down for shipment to consumers.
  5. "We are fern-ishing Zarela's garden, " said John Mickel, the senior fern curator of the New York Botanical Garden, as he planted a big Mexican wood fern in the narrow garden behind Zarela Martinez's 19th-century town house, which was shaded by ailanthus trees with trunks as straight as telephone poles.


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