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  1. He peddles his drink in reusable glass bottles and 16-ounce plastic containers, their labels adorned with Easter Island stone heads.
  2. These particularly constructed chimneys were later referred to as " Rhode Island Stone-enders . " Only a couple of these chimneys survive.
  3. In 2014, he won the amateur division in the Mackinac Island stone-skipping tournament with 22 skips becoming a professional in 2015.
  4. The oldest portion of this house, built c . 1705 is a classical Rhode Island stone ender house, whose large chimney has since been completely enclosed in the structure.
  5. The original Port Arthur High School was opened on January 8, 1889 . The cornerstone of the new building was laid by James Conmee on July 7, 1909 . The building was designed by architect Henry Simpson in the Queen Anne style using Simpson Island Stone, and opened on September 6, 1910.


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