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  1. Clinton is nearing a decision on conflicting demands over the future of the island target range.
  2. Rossello has not wavered, spurning all entreaties for negotiations with the Pentagon that include resumption of live fire training on the island target range.
  3. Unarmed U . S . ICBMs are routinely tested in launches from Vandenberg to a Marshall Islands target range about 4, 200 miles across the Pacific.
  4. Sixty percent of the 396, 222 munitions dropped or fired on the island target range in the 16 years ending in 1998 were explosive; 40 percent were non-explosive.
  5. Noman's will join ranks with other former island targets such as Seal Island in Maine ( near the Maine-Canada border ), Plum Tree Island in Virginia and Culebra in Puerto Rico.


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