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  1. The member companies of Island Telecom are ISN Wireless, Ruranet, Kennet, and Route 2.
  2. Island Telecom introduced digital phone service in 2016, available on the cable, Optra fibre, and next-generation fixed-wireless networks.
  3. NewTel Enterprises merged with Bruncor ( parent of NBTel ), Island Telecom and MTT in 1999 to form Aliant, now known as Bell Aliant.
  4. Buchanan subsequently worked as an Inter-Government Communication Officer with Island Telecom and later Aliant, as well as forming his own consulting and communication company.
  5. Island Telecom serves 20 Mbit / s throughout Prince Edward Island as of 2015 and 100 Mbit / s in certain areas of the province as of 2016.


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