it leader forumの例文


  1. Both Russian and international IT experts participate actively in the IT Leader Forum.
  2. The IT Leader Forum is organized as part of the annual IT Leader project, a series of events devoted to organizations and CIOs who have directly contributed to the promotion of innovative information technology which increases business performance and spurs development within Russia.
  3. It brings together 200-300 Russian and international CIOs, analysts, and business strategists to discuss IT issues and share expertise regarding the implementation of IT solutions and highlights the best ways to address business issues using IT . Participants of the IT Leader Forum have an opportunity to exchange opinions with representatives of global leading IT vendors, discuss business approaches with industry peers, and establish new business contacts.
  4. In 2009, among key speakers at the IT Leader Forum were : " Roger McLoughlin " ( Continuity & Risk Authority, Vodafone ), " Ronald Loos " ( Director of Technology and Operations, Grubb & Ellis Management Services ), " Max Corney " ( Communications Consultant, West Midlands Police, UK ), " Graeme K . Hackland " ( Head of Information Systems, Renault F1 Team ), " Jim Tomaney " ( Senior Programme Manager, Barclays Bank ), " James Michael Ansley " ( EMEA Vice President and General Manager, 3Com Corporation ).


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