it leaves you breathlessの例文


  1. Remember the famous Smirnoff slogan, " It leaves you breathless "?
  2. Heublein, which is based in Farmington, Conn ., and is now a subsidiary of Grand Metropolitan PLC, continued to use " It leaves you breathless " as a tag line in its advertisements until the late 1970s.
  3. Milton Goodman, a retired advertising executive whose " It leaves you breathless " campaign for Smirnoff vodka in the 1950s helped transform America's taste in alcoholic beverages, died at his home in Manhattan on Saturday, Oct . 5, after a long illness.
  4. Welcome to Whistling Straits, up here between Milwaukee and Green Bay, where wild imaginations, a bottomless well of money, hundreds of buried railroad cars, more than a thousand bunkers, and brisk winds have made for a golf course that does more than offer intrigue, it leaves you breathless and mezmerized with its beauty, all of it sitting high atop cliffs overlooking Lake Michigan.


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