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  1. Jan van Balen left on 8 September 1639 with his brother Gaspard on a trip to Italy.
  2. Like his father Hendrick, Jan van Balen painted mythological and religious scenes in the style of his father.
  3. Jan van Balen had two brothers, Gaspard ( born in 1615 ) and Hendrik ( born in 1620 ) who were both painters.
  4. The couple had 11 children and three of their sons became painters : Jan van Balen, Gaspard van Balen and Hendrick van Balen the Younger.
  5. His collaborators included his brother-in-law Erasmus Quellinus II, Nicolas de Largilliere, Jan van Balen, Frans Francken the Younger, Cornelis Schut and Cornelis van Poelenburch.


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