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  1. The romantic and sentimental poet, Jan van Beers, was typically Flemish in his sincere and moral outlook on life.
  2. Yerkes and his wife Mary were painted by his favorite artist Jan van Beers ( National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC ).
  3. His maternal great-grandfather was the noted Flemish Poet, Jan Van Beers, and the family spoke French at home.
  4. He was a pupil of Jan Van Beers at the " Normaalschool " in Lier, and a follower of Johan Michiel Dautzenberg.
  5. At around this period, 蓈ariste Carpentier befriended some of his classmates from the Academy, amongst which figure Emile Claus, Theodoor Verstraete, Frans Hens and Jan Van Beers.


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