jan van bijlertの例文


  1. But the great painters who were his students _ Hendrick ter Brugghen, Gerard van Honthorst, Jan van Bijlert _ all traveled to Italy to soak themselves in southern styles, particularly that of Caravaggio, which they brought back to Utrecht, rethought and transformed.
  2. As a collector of prints, Wright may also have been aware of the work of earlier artists that explored similar themes, particularly Netherlandish painters such as Annibale Carracci, Judith Leyster and Jan van Bijlert, where there was a proverb " Whoever plays with a little cat will be scratched ".
  3. The image of the pretzel is found elsewhere in art from the same period, with the attendant possibility of " pictorial homonymy "  but the pretzel in Jan van Bijlert's " Merry company " points not at the transience of man's life but at women's wiles.
  4. Painters such as Dirck van Baburen, Gerrit van Honthorst, Hendrick ter Brugghen, Jan van Bijlert and Matthias Stom were all in Rome in the 1610s, a time when the United Provinces, still about 40 % Catholic in the mid-17th century, and even more among the elite groups, who included many rural nobility and gentry with town houses there.


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