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  1. Other notorious omissions are Jan van de Cappelle, Judith Leyster, Jan Wynants, Jacobus Mancadan, Hendrick Avercamp, and others.
  2. A painting by Jan van de Cappelle from 1650 depicts the state barge of the Netherlands being saluted by gun blasts from battle ships.
  3. Among the best is a marine painting, " Shipping in a Calm Sea " ( 1657 ), by Jan van de Cappelle.
  4. Three Singers " ( pictured ) in order to buy Jan van de Cappelle's " A Calm Sea with Ships near the Shore " ]]
  5. The 1650s were the period of his best work, including his winter landscapes, which were strongly influenced by those of Jan van de Cappelle, as were his tranquil marine scenes.


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