jazz at oberlinの例文


  1. The pianist returns to campus Saturday to mark the 50th anniversary of the landmark " Jazz at Oberlin " album.
  2. Erich Kunzel, conductor of the Cincinnati Pops and the Washington-based National Symphony, had a simple take on why " Jazz at Oberlin " made such an impact.
  3. The quartet became especially popular with college-age audiences, often performing in college settings like on their ground-breaking 1953 album " Jazz at Oberlin " at Oberlin College, or on their recordings on the campuses of Ohio University and the University of Michigan, among others.
  4. They took up a long residency at San Francisco's Black Hawk nightclub and gained great popularity touring college campuses, recording a series of albums with such titles as " Jazz at Oberlin " ( 1953 ), " Jazz at the College of the Pacific " ( 1953 ), and Brubeck's debut on Columbia Records, " Jazz Goes to College " ( 1954 ).


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