jazz at the plazaの例文


  1. The Miles Davis Sextet was also recorded at the same event and released as the first volume of " Jazz at the Plaza ".
  2. As such, this performance and " Jazz at the Plaza " were the only legitimate live recordings representing the " Kind of Blue " sextet.
  3. The complete 1958 sessions for Columbia were issued on the box set " The Complete Columbia Recordings of Miles Davis with John Coltrane ", and " Jazz at the Plaza " was reissued in 2001.
  4. Aside from the 1973 release " Jazz at the Plaza " ( also a 1958 concert ) during the LP era, this was the only legitimate ( non-bootleg ) recording of a live Davis combo performance earlier than the 1960 Blackhawk recordings.
  5. The pinnacle of their risk-taking comes with the 1958 sessions, " Jazz Track " and " Jazz at the Plaza, " where Coltrane starts to experiment with the ultra-fast, play-everything style that he would perfect on his own a few years later.


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