jazz band classicの例文


  1. Its programs include its flagship symphony orchestra, Chamber Music program, Jazz Band Classic, Apprentice Conducting, and Making Score ( composition program ).
  2. "' Jazz Band Classic "'is a 16-member big band dedicated to studying, rehearsing, and performing jazz music.
  3. Modeled on the bands of the 1930s and 1940s, Jazz Band Classic preserves this heritage and, keeping with jazz traditions, incorporates it into the current and emerging styles that define the genre for the present generation.
  4. Jazz Band Classic has featured soloists and clinicians such as Joe Lovano, Eric Reed, Lew Soloff, Gary Smulyan, and Frank Wess, giving students a chance to play alongside today's most exciting professional musicians.
  5. While maintaining a busy touring schedule, Locke also finds time to work with student ensembles, teach at numerous educational institutions in the US and Europe and compose / arrange for the Airmen of Note ( two performances in 2011 and 2012 ), the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and the Jazz Band Classic of the New York Youth Symphony.


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