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  1. Strikers Patrick Kluivert, Jouri Muilder, Johan de Kock and Dennis Bergkamp are out with injuries.
  2. They also played without injured forwards Patrick Kluivert, Dennis Bergkamp, Jouri Muilder and Johan de Kock.
  3. Substitute Patrick Kluivert should have scored shortly after replacing Jouri Mulder in the 75th minute but fired wildly over the bar from close range with the goal at his mercy.
  4. Why ? " screamed Jouri, Mohammed's oldest sister, as some 250 male villagers prepared to bury the victims in al-Sajr's dusty cemetery.
  5. In September 2006, Iraqi officials announced the capture of Hamid Juma Faris Jouri al-Saeedi in connection with the bombing, allegedly done on his orders by Haitham al-Badri.


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