1. In the case of elliptic curves, the Kronecker Jugendtraum was the programme roots of unity allow one to do this for the field of rational numbers.
  2. The classical theory of complex multiplication, now often known as the " Kronecker Jugendtraum ", does this for the case of any imaginary quadratic field, by using modular functions and elliptic functions chosen with a particular period lattice related to the field in question.
  3. "' Kronecker's Jugendtraum "'or "'Hilbert's twelfth problem "', of the 23 mathematical Hilbert problems, is the extension of the Kronecker Weber theorem on abelian extensions of the rational numbers, to any base number field.
  4. Conversely, Kronecker conjectured that every abelian extension of K "'would be obtained "'by the ( roots of the ) equation of a suitable elliptic curve with complex multiplication, known as the " Kronecker Jugendtraum " and " Hilbert's twelfth problem ".


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