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  1. Columella also gives uncial divisions of the " jugerum ", tabulated by the anonymous translator of the 1745 Millar edition as follows:
  2. Agricultural policymaker Columella suggested that each vineyard in Rome produced a quota of three cullei of wine per jugerum, otherwise the vineyard would be uprooted.
  3. Spurius Ligustinus was a Sabine man whose father left him a jugerum of land and the small cottage in which Spurius was born, grew up, and continued to live throughout his life.
  4. In 1798, a total of 400 Juchart ( ) ( a measurement of acreage related to the Roman Jugerum, 1 Juchart was ) of forest and 200 Juchart ( ) of pastures became private.
  5. He presented precise details on how a well-run vineyard should operate, from the optimum breakfast for slaves to the yield of grapes from each " jugerum " of land and the pruning practices to ensure those yields.


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