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  1. When he is being repaired, Juli Mizrahi asks him to consider lifespan extension.
  2. With the help of Juli Mizrahi and Allen, Shion was able to witness the Federation's weapons, T-elos and Omega Res Novae.
  3. MOMO was programmed with the behavior and emotions of a twelve-year-old girl, and considers both Joachim and Juli Mizrahi to be her parents.
  4. The series has seen the reappearance of Shion Uzuki, KOS-MOS and Juli Mizrahi and also introduces " Episode III "'s Doctus and a young girl named " Nephilim ".
  5. Jr . and the group return to the Kukai flagship to find the entire crew murdered by Yuriev soldiers with the exception of Mary and Shelly Godwin and the cruisers'two guests, Juli Mizrahi and Canaan.


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