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  1. In 2010, he appeared with Julia Alexandratou in a film, produced by Sirina Entertainment.
  2. In any case, the success of the Julia Alexandratou film was used as an excuse for questioning Greek showbiz taboos, regarding sensual productions.
  3. In 2010, his infamous cooperation with actress / model Julia Alexandratou and the release of her sex DVD  Banned, marked a peak time in Sirina Enterntainment producer's career.
  4. Ever since the fall of 2006, it was reported that Psinakis and the young Greek model and sex symbol Julia Alexandratou, who is also the runner-up Miss Star Greece are in a very steamy relationship.
  5. Although initially Julia Alexandratou argued that the DVD content was about personal footage that was leaked by one of her exes, after 13 days Julia Alexandratou finally admitted the whole truth in Tatiana Stefanidou's TV show.


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