jumma khan marriの例文


  1. While Jumma Khan Marri ( son of Mir Hazar Khan Marri ) was a Baloch refugee where he finally finished KVK Indian central school at Kabul, Afghanistan.
  2. Lots of political experts believe that it was Jumma Khan Baloch a Baluchi nationalist leader from Baluchistan, lived in Damascus in the 1960s ( Jumma Khan Marri was not yet born ) but because of strong pressure for his extradition, he fled to Baghdad in 1968.
  3. The "'Balochistan Liberation Front "'(; "'BLF "') is a political front and militant group founded by Jumma Khan Marri in 1964 in Damascus, and played an important role in the 1968-1980 insurgency in Pakistani Jundullah, because of their religious extremism.


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