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  1. The Keystone Angels issued a sole single, " Keep on Dancin'", on Sphere during that year.
  2. It samples " Flawless ", originally recorded by the electronic music band The Ones which in turn samples " Keep On Dancin'" ( 1978 ), originally recorded by Gary's Gang.
  3. And until he goes, you can bet Smokey Rhodes, who remembers his mother in the steps she taught him and his friends in the moves their music inspired, will keep on dancin'.'
  4. Along with their tracks, " Do It at the Disco " and " Let's Lovedance Tonight ", " Keep on Dancin'" hit number one on the disco chart for one week.
  5. In 1999, the track, " Let's Lovedance Tonight " was sampled for Soulsearcher, number twenty dance hit, " Can't Get Enough " . " Do It At The Disco " was the B side of the 45 RPM of " Keep On Dancin'."


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