keep on the right side ofの例文


  1. The industry must also meet the growing needs of aging baby boomers and keep on the right side of employers who may be reluctant to cover growing health costs if the economy falters.
  2. Thus, as long as the president keeps on the right side of female policy issues, he's free to grope'em all-- just as long as he continues to understand that " no " means " no ."
  3. Musharraf may not have a coalition to worry about, but he certainly has two powerful and in practice not entirely distinct groups to keep on the right side of : his own fellow officers, and the jihadis, who even before they heard of the collapse of the summit were threatening a return to war.
  4. While there are plenty of people who still cruise gyms looking to meet Ms . or Mr . Right-Now, more and more gym users seem content to throw on an old T-shirt and focus on Time magazine or the television ( now in most gyms ) while trying to keep on the right side of heart disease and obesity.


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