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  1. Several prominent FP?government ministers resigned in the 2002 " Knittelfeld Putsch " after strong attacks by Haider, which led to new elections being called.
  2. The name of the town has become notorious for the Knittelfeld Putsch of September 7, 2002, a party meeting of the Freedom Party of Austria, which resulted in the 2002 Austrian elections.
  3. After major disputes inside the FP?between Haider and vice-chancellor Susanne Riess-Passer ( the so-called " Knittelfeld Putsch " ), the 諺P broke the coalition in 2002 and called for re-elections.
  4. "' Early parliamentary elections "'were held in Austria on 24 November 2002, after internal divisions in the Freedom Party of Austria ( FP?) culminating in the Knittelfeld Putsch led to the resignation of several leading FP?members.
  5. After severe disagreements with her former political mentor Haider in Summer 2002 ( the so-called Knittelfeld Putsch ), she resigned from all of her posts, as did finance minister Karl-Heinz Grasser and the party spokesman in parliament, Peter Westenthaler.


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