1. It is, along with the Ladegast organ in the Merseburg Cathedral.
  2. His son, Oskar Ladegast, took over his firm in 1898.
  3. Ladegast was born in Hochhermsdorf ( now Borna, Adolf Zuberbier in Dessau, Martin Wetzel in Strasbourg, and Aristide Cavaill?Coll in Paris.
  4. His work with Cavaill?Coll was especially influential on his own designs; the two developed a friendship, and Ladegast introduced many technical innovations learned from Cavaill?Coll's workshop to Germany, such as swell pedals and Barker levers.
  5. He has released seven CD recordings on the Regent Records label : the complete organ works of Elgar from Salisbury Cathedral ( REGCD256 ), released for the 150th anniversary of the composer s birth ( 2007 ); Restored to Glory ( REGCD265 ), released to commemorate the re-opening of the Town Hall and re-inauguration of its organ in October 2007; Sounds of St Giles ( REGCD302 ), on the new Mander East organ of St Giles Cripplegate in 2008 ( Gramophone Critics'Choice ); CPE Bach Organ Works ( REGCD314 ) released in December 2009; Schumann : Complete Works for Organ ( REGCD347-Editor's Choice, Gramophone Magazine, January 2011 ), recorded on the historic Ladegast organ of Merseburg Cathedral, Germany, and Grand Organ Prom ( REGCD322-Editor's Choice, Organists'Review, August 2011 ), transcriptions and original works from the Victorian concert hall tradition, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall, London.


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