laden containerの例文


  1. Westport's container operations and planning manager Lt Col ( R ) Vincent Lim said Wesport is working closely with UASC for regional re-distribution of empty and laden containers.
  2. `Within KCT's sphere of activities, the proportion of indigenous laden containers from January to April 1998 stood at 65 per cent against 73 per cent registered in the same period last year.
  3. In February 2013 KION Group agreed to sell the product rights to the Linde brand's reach stacker, empty container handler and laden container handler product lines to the Finnish crane manufacturer Konecranes for an undisclosed sum.
  4. Cargo vessels travelling through the Port of Shuwaikh include merchant ships and other vessels that include liners, tramps, fishing trawlers, and small passenger ships as well as cargo-laden container and roll-on / roll-off vessels and barges.


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