laden withの例文


  1. is laden with many treasures .
  2. the title of this chapter was derived from the waka poem that yugiri composed: ' i am thoroughwort laden with dew and in the same field as you are; please have pity on me .'
    巻名は夕霧 (源氏物語)が詠んだ和歌「同じ野の露にやつるる藤袴あはれはかけよかことばかりも」に因む。
  3. in the meantime , this music , it's beautiful and laden with tragic disillusion , but ... the same tape over and over again , all day long , please , i know i am your prisoner but there's no need to torture me , my friend .
    その間 この音楽だが 美しく重く... そして悲劇的...


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