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  1. The interior is richly decorated with many frescoes, including works by Lazzaro Tavarone and Lorenzo De Ferrari.
  2. The fa鏰de of the palace is decorated by a number of frescoes by the Calvi brothers, who might have worked with Lazzaro Tavarone.
  3. A staircase decorated by grotesque frescoes leads to the upper floor, which contains further frescoes by Andrea Semino, Bernardo Castello and Lazzaro Tavarone.
  4. Other followers from Genoa include Giovanni Andrea Ansaldo, Simone Barabino, Giulio Benso, Battista and Bernardo Castello, Giovanni Battista Paggi, Francesco Spezzini, and Lazzaro Tavarone.
  5. The battle is depicted in a famous series of fresco paintings by Fabrizio Castello, Orazio Cambiasi and Lazzaro Tavarone in the Gallery of Battles at the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.


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