1. Lazzate is known for her paintings that primarily features expressionism, figuration, abstract and portraiture.
  2. "' Lazzate Maralbayeva "'( born March 24, 1951 ) is a French painter and architect born in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan.
  3. The Italian title was successfully defended in 2011, once more ahead of Balducchi after the title race went down to the last round at Lazzate.
  4. The beyond Seveso brianzolo, ( of Brianza ), consists of the municipalities of Cermenate, Lazzate, Misinto, Cogliate, Ceriano Laghetto, Solaro and Limbiate.
  5. Lazzate's paintings are in private and public collections in Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Russia, Turkey, United States and Ugoslavie.


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