leaf abscissionの例文


  1. Premature leaf abscission has been shown to occur in response to infestation by gall aphids.
  2. Our article suggests that leaf abscission is indirectly due to changes in sunlight, but it's as unreferenced as StuRat's opinions above.
  3. They regulate which tissues grow upwards and which grow downwards, leaf formation and stem growth, fruit development and ripening, as well as leaf abscission and even plant death.
  4. Many plant species naturally uptake heavy metals and excess nutrients for a variety of reasons : sequestration, drought resistance, disposal by leaf abscission, interference with other plants, and defense against pathogens and herbivores.
  5. The loss of bootjacks is a natural, if poorly understood, phenomenon as the palm does not create a leaf abscission zone so the loss of the leaf bases results from some other physical or biological process.


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