lean towardsの例文


  1. lean towards feeling female .
    また ある時期には 女側に傾いたりするってこと。
  2. when we lean towards ordering tests
    検査に偏重し 患者との
  3. but then if you hold it in your hand , it can lean towards you , be thick .
    手に持った時には 上がせり出して
  4. then it's possible that you'll lean towards me , isn't it , manager ?
    店長が 俺に傾く可能性も あるってことですね。
  5. takamoto initially supported the shogun , but began to lean towards the government army side after serving as a guard of the old imperial palace during the hamaguri rebellion , and , in january 1868 , he quickly took the side of the new government with the help of kinmochi saionji .


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