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  1. Leana de Bruin ( Silver Ferns 2002 2008 ) signed with Steel for 2010.
  2. Former Silver Fern and Sting player Leana de Bruin was back from pregnancy and was pulled into the backline.
  3. Temepara George signed on as the teams captain and was joined in defence by Silver Ferns Sheryl Scanlan and Leana de Bruin.
  4. |Te Huinga Reo Selby-Rickit Kayla Cullen Laura Langman Leana de Bruin Bailey Mes Anna Thompson Irene van Dyk Katrina Grant Maria Tutaia
  5. The Waikato / BOP Magic added to its already five current internationals players by putting star backline player Leana de Bruin in the mix also.


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