left side doorの例文


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  1. Woods started strongly, rolling a birdie putt in the left side door on No . 1.
  2. The Olds'left side door is also wider than the competition allowing for easy access to the third row of seats.
  3. There is a right and left side door on the front of the iconostasis, one depicting the archangel, Michael and the other Gabriel.
  4. The Chinooks also can be equipped with one M60 machine gun mounted in the left side door frame and another in the right side escape hatch, as well as one mounted on the rear cargo ramp.
  5. Two years later, in 1966, the Air Force adopted a permanent solution for their armed Alouette III : a special version with a single MG 151 20 mm autocannon mounted in the rear in order to fire from the left side door.


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