left socialist revolutionary partyの例文


  1. The "'Left SR uprising "'or "'Left SR revolt "'was an uprising against the Bolsheviks by the Left Socialist Revolutionary Party in July 1918.
  2. As the SR party broken into two, he continued to actively cooperate with its left flank and became the literary section editor of " Znamya Truda " ( Flag of Labour ), which belonged to the Left Socialist Revolutionary Party ( PLSR ).
  3. Favoring a multi-party government, Vikzhel managed to leverage its position of strength through threat of a general transportation strike to force the Bolsheviks to add other socialist political parties to the previously all-Bolshevik government  a power play culminated by the provision of three ministerial portfolios to representatives of the Left Socialist Revolutionary Party.
  4. He stated that Eichhorn was sentenced by the " Left Socialist Revolutionary Party " as the commander of the German military forces who " strangled " the " revolution " in Ukraine, changed a political system, carried out a takeover as a supporter of the middle and upper class to bring to power the Hetman of Ukraine and confiscated land from peasants.


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