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  1. Rakunan high school and its affiliated middle school are located on the left-hand side of kushige koji road as one proceeds out from kitadaimon gate .
  2. When facing these letters , ' myo ' is situated on the left-hand side of ' ho ' and hence it is considered that ' myo ' came into existence first .
  3. The left-hand side of the chinese character " 伴 " represents a person , and this chinese character becomes " 伻 " (hei ) if the right-hand side is slightly modified .
  4. It is said that during the jogan era (859-877 ), he used a bud that was growing among the roots of the withered cherry tree adorning the left-hand side of the imperial court to restore the withered tree to full bloom .
  5. This is called migimae , which literally means right-side before , because the right-hand side is wrapped over the body before the left-hand side , and not because the right-hand side is put on top of the left-hand side .


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