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  1. Long Ampan Aing and Lidung Jelo were the most important of the Kenyah Badeng settlements in Plieran in early 1820s.
  2. Lidung Jelo, at Usun Apau Plieran ( Pliran / Plieran / Pleiran / Peliran ) is a fully abandoned Belaga district.
  3. There are a few old longhouse sites at this area such as Long Metalon, Long Ampan Aing ( Sungai Abanang ), Long Bora ( Sungai Bora ), Long Taa, Ka Laeh and Lidung Jelo.
  4. "' Lidung Jelo "'( also known as Lidong Jelor ) is a remote Kenyah's longhouse settlements in the mountainous interior located by the Plieran river bank, Belaga division of Sarawak.
  5. Most of them eventually start to move from Lidung Jelo go upstream Plieran and entered the Medang river ( a tributary of the hulu Plieran river ) adjacent to the river that flows into the Teboken river then Data river and settled at the confluence of the so-called Long Teboken.


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