1. The station's studio is located at 295 Liduvina Building Mabini J-Rizal Mandaluyong City, Mandaluyong City.
  2. They are soldiers of the former Nicaraguan Resistance, " said Liduvina Hernandez, president of the Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared.
  3. Reina's administration " shows a dangerous tendency against the Honduran democratic system, " said Liduvina Hernandez, president of the Human Rights Committee.
  4. In 1662 he took up the study of Arabic in the convent of San Pancrazio in Rome, under Celestino ?San-Liduvina, brother of the Orientalist Golius.
  5. They included Julia P閞ez ( later known as Marina Baura ), Maria Gracia Bianchi, Ingrid Bolaw ( later Ingrid Garbo ), Gudelia Castillo, Liduvina Ram韗ez, the twins Jeanette and Zayda Garcia, and Elizabeth Flores Gil.


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