1. Lidzbarski was born in Poland to a Hasidic Eastern Jewish family, and from 1889 to 1892 studied semitic philology in Berlin.
  2. The idea that the sources of these verses are found in the " Alexander romance " was first proposed by Mark Lidzbarski and Karl Duroff in 1892.
  3. Important sources for scholars today who cannot read Petermann ( 1860s ) which in turn relied upon four different Ginzas; Lidzbarski was also able to include some material from a fifth Ginza, that at Leiden, Holland.
  4. In 1938, he completed his history of Aramaic studies, which was awarded the Lidzbarski Medal and Prize from the Deutsche Morgenl鋘dische Gesellschaft . The prize money was withheld from him because he was Jewish, yet on Schaeder's initiative, he was given a prize medal in gold to compensate him for the loss.


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