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  1. Your destiny lies along a different path from mine .
  2. The name of the street is said to come from the fact that many lumber dealers were located in nishi-horikawa , which lies along this street .
  3. Shijimi no miyake of harima , believed to have lied along the upper kako river (today ' s miki city ), was managed by oshimumibe no miyatsukohosome .
  4. The residential district extending in the eastern area of the station is the biggest of those that lie along the company ' s line , and it ' s accessible on foot; also there are many premier sightseeing spots in the neighborhood .
  5. Shortly before all the sections were electrified , the section between namaze and dojo , which was difficult to double-track because the railway lay along the muko-gawa river gorge , was newly constructed as a double-track railway having successive tunnels .


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