lie back and think of englandの例文


  1. Alas, I myself am filled with a deep sense of cultural pessimism, but I will ever wave my flag as I lie back and think of England!
  2. The apocryphal " lie back and think of England " relates to an almost diametrically opposite sexual problem . talk ) 23 : 20, 1 December 2008 ( UTC)
  3. But for Diana's advice at a crucial moment, Mrs . Aubrey, who is Jack's Sophie, might well produce granddaughters who only " lie back and think of England ."
  4. It was traditionally the advice that maters are alleged to have given to well brought up'gels'just before their wedding night; " Well, my dear, just lie back and think of England ".
  5. Cathy Lesurf subsequently left to join Ashley Hutchings'Albion Band, and Will Ward also departed so that by the time they recorded " Lie Back and Think of England " the personnel had settled down to John Jones, Ian Kearey, Alan Prosser and Ian Telfer.


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