lie in reposeの例文


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  1. Carson became the ninth Hoosier to lie in repose at the Statehouse Rotunda.
  2. After Brown's body is released, it will lie in repose at the Commerce Department before his funeral, which will be held the next day at the National Cathedral.
  3. Ms . Terzano said that sometime next week, after the bodies are released, Brown will lie in repose at the Commerce Department and be memorialized at the Metropolitan Baptist Church, in Washington.
  4. Flags outside of Ethel Kennedy's home, where Kennedy's body lied in repose in a closed casket, had been lowered to half staff and all curtains inside were closed for privacy.
  5. In keeping with his wishes, his funeral was not a full state funeral, though his body did lie in repose in the Nixon Library lobby from April 26 to the morning of the funeral service.


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